Rivage FAQ

Does the swimdress become transparent when swimming?

No, the double layers of fabric prevents any transparency after swimming.

Can you wear the swimdress while swimming?

Yes. It is purposely designed for swimming with a bathing suit lining underneath. You can tie the skirt up by your waist or wear the skirt down while swimming.

How fast does it dry?

The swimdress is designed in a ultra-light polyamide that is very fast drying. To further speed up the drying we recommend you wrap yourself in a towel for a few seconds. Let the towel absorb any excess water from the dress and after the dress regains the A-line shape.

Does the swimwear have UV-protection?

Yes. It is resistant to pilling, tearing and protects from UV rays.

Is the swimdress thick due to the two layers?

No. The swimdress is designed in a lightweight polyamide, is fast drying and forms itself after your body.

Does the swimdress have a bathing suit attached?

Yes. All of our swimdresses are designed with a bathing suit lining. The skirt is liftable and ideal for sunbathing.

Does the swimskirt have a underwear attached?

Yes. Our skirt is designed with an underwear lining.

Can you mix and match the two-pieces?

Yes. Our tops and skirts are sold separately.

Where is your production located?

All of our products are manufactured in Bergamo, Italy.

Do you use eco-friendly materials?

We are committed to using non-toxic materials and chemicals within our production and we work closely with our factories to minimize waste. We work with top quality and sustainable materials to ensure the longevity of our products. Longevity is key, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of design. We produce our garments in recycled materials whenever possible.