South of France July 2020 - The idea of a versatile swimwear garment was initiated. Something that can be worn in and out of the water, from the pool to the beach, from the beach to lunch and so on. Some of the many pleasant effects of the swimdress is that you do not need to think about bringing beachwear, feeling fully exposed or getting changed whenever you switch scenery.

Rivage creates dresses and two-pieces made for swimming and vacation life. We produce all of our products in a lightweight polyamide that is UV-resistant and fast drying.

Our dresses have a full bathing suit lining with a liftable skirt ideal for sunbathing. The double layers prevents any transparency before and after swimming. Our skirts come with a panty lining. When wet, simply cover yourself in a towel and squeeze any excess water out of the product to regain the perfect fall of the dress.