About the swimdress

During summer of 2020, the idea of the swimdress was initiated. It blends the functionality of a one-piece swimsuit and a beach dress. Something that can be worn in and out of the water, from the pool to the beach and from the beach to lunch. It enables complete versatility and flexibility when you are spending days in the sun with your family or friends.

Packing light
The Swimdress eliminates the need for additional beachwear and enables you to pack light.

The Swimdress offers more coverage than a regular swimsuit. It is produced in one bathing suit layer and a top layer that forms the dress.

We create timeless and flattering designs for all women, combining confident taste and the very best of materials. All of our products are manufactured in Italy.

Meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, the Rivage swimdress is lightweight, quick-drying, and equipped with UV protection, ensuring wearers feel comfortable and confident both in and out of the water.

Les caractéristiques de nos produits

Notre materiel est léger, élastique et conserve sa forme après une utilisation prolongée et plusieurs lavages.

Protection UV

Il résiste au boulochage, à la déchirure et protège des rayons UV.

Excellente couverture

Les doubles couches de tissu évitent toute transparence après la baignade.

Un vêtement flatteur

Le materiel s'étire dans deux directions et se forme après votre corps.


All of our products are manufactured in Italy. The factory is located in Bergamo and specializes in the making of high-end swimwear. Their extensive skills and knowledge span over decades and they take pride in a refined fit and perfecting every seam.

It took us three years to implement the idea of The Original Swimdress. During this time we worked closely with our factory to secure the fit, functionality and the design.


The swimdress is a swimsuit, a cover-up and a beach dress. Your all-in one staple for every beach or poolside occasion.

Some of the many pleasant effects of the swimdress is that you do not need to think about bringing beachwear, feeling fully exposed or getting changed whenever you switch scenery.

The Swimdress is intended for leisurely moments with family and friends or for an hour at the tennis court. Dress it up for a sunny lunch with friends or wear it casually along your morning stroll at the beach. In short, ready-to-wear swimwear.

Our dresses have a full bathing suit lining with a liftable skirt ideal for sunbathing. The double layers prevent any transparency before and after swimming. Our skirts come with a panty lining. When wet, simply cover yourself in a towel and squeeze any excess water out of the product to regain the perfect fall of the dress.


The lightweight material takes you from wet to dry in no time

  • get it wet

  • Squeeze any excess water out

  • Dry in the sun and/or use a towel for 10 sec

  • Perfect fall of the dress regained

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  • Elin

    “I have been living in my swimdress for my entire vacation. I put it on in the morning and I wore it throughout the day until the evening. The only thing I will have to bring for next time is my swimdress and evening wear.”

  • Louise

    “I was really impressed of how fast it dried. I love that you can tie the skirt part up when swimming as well if you feel like it.”

  • jenny

    “I have never felt more chic during swimming! The garment feels timeless and is very flattering when wet or dry. Definitely one of my new staple garments as soon as its sunny outside.”

  • Pauline

    “It’s very comfortable to wear while swimming! I was a bit worried at first for the breast support as I’m a D-cup. I’m wearing the Dakota Maritime and I was so positively surprised how it just held everything in place.”

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