The Sensual Symmetry

In times when our sexual liberation was on the menu, losing our clothes was for a good cause. Also it stemmed from a place where unveiling your lower leg was provocative enough. I guess today we are looking for the same reaction but we seem to have lost our cause. In 2023 when the thong was launched to be worn with the string part in the front we asked ourselves, have we reached the end of the road? Over the years the shock factor of revealing clothing and sexually provocative attires has weakened. All the good brought by women's sexual liberation, associated with showing more skin, can seem to trigger stress and discomfort to some. Unwillingly having to play on the strings of sexuality in the way we dress is not in tune with where we are as women today.

There is a difference between sexuality and sensuality and somewhere along the way we must have lost the distinction of the two. So here it is. Sensuality is about senses and engaging your sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. It evokes feelings of pleasure with no necessary sexual contact. Sensuality can be experienced and enjoyed on its own. It is allowing our bodies to be mindful of the things around us that makes us open up to comfort, joy and excitement.

Sexuality is all about sexual expression that typically involves physical contact and pleasure. It is more or less about the desire for sex and an orgasmic release. The power of choosing when and where to be feeling sensual or sexual should be in our hands. Since sensuality is about evoking your senses, what is sensual to you might not be sensual to others. We should be able to have the opportunity to choose for ourselves.