How we vacationed historically

Dang! Not only do we have to thank the Romans for initiating social care, welfare, sanitation, roads and newspapers. As it turns out, they were also the first vacationers. They were the earliest people to travel for leisure. After extensive conquering I guess they earned it. Also, because of their vast empire, they were able to enjoy typical Roman amenities as their lifestyle and culture were spread all over the world. A true home away from home-flair.

Needless to say, they were ahead of their time and traveling stopped due to war and other things. It was reintroduced during the Tudor-period but only for the rich and privileged. Royals would take long journeys with the purpose of relaxation and diplomacy. In the 17th and 18th century, vacations took on a new form. Grand tours. With the sole purpose for young, rich men to become urbane and to inspire their maturity.

"In Europe, the affluent would enjoy luxury train rides À La Belle Epoque."

For vacations to become more household the world needed better transportation, work efficiency and affordability. Thanks to Henry Ford and the 40-hour work week, Americans now went sun basking in the Caribbean in the 20s.

Swapping their fair skin for a good suntan. In Europe, the affluent would enjoy luxury train rides À La Belle Epoque. Then, in swoops the airline industry in the 30s. Travelling takes off.