How we made swimwear highbrow

Studies on female student athlete uniforms have shown that skimpy uniforms such as the ones worn by professional volleyball players contribute to a decreased body esteem and that the uniforms distract players and affect their performances negatively.

We can't afford bad performance in order to satisfy a dusty view on swimwear fashion. We need to be able to quickly get our hands on the best sunbeds by the pool, knock back a spicy margarita in no time and binge eat as many calamari fritti as you can in a day.

"Utility and versatility is what we are bringing on board."

In swoops Rivage with the invention of the swimdress. It enables you to pack light, feel good about yourself and to do vacations on your own terms.

In short, ready to wear swimwear. Being able to perform at your best and at the same time keep your self esteem intact seems like the Rivage way to go. Utility and versatility is what we are bringing on board.